Make Phoenix Plumbing & Drain Co Your Go-to Plumbing Technicians

Why should you go to Phoenix Plumbing & Drain Co for your plumbing needs? We make sure that the customer gets superior service for their plumbing needs!  We service all of the Phoenix, AZ, area, and we’ve been at it for 20+ years. We have a name for the best plumbing and drain cleaning service, and the best response time of any emergency plumber in Phoenix!

The Faster We Take Care of It, the Better Off You Are!

We don’t want to take up more of a person’s day than necessary, so we make sure that we’re at your door within 90 minutes of the call. We can also provide same-day service for all but the most extensive plumbing problems you might face! We’re here for you to call all day, every day!

Our Rates Are Some of the Best in Town

Just because we are one of the biggest in the area doesn’t mean we are expensive! In fact, we are one of the most affordable in the area because we understand our customers’ needs.  We make sure we give you a quote before we even touch the job so that you know what you’re going to pay before you pay it—no tricks or hidden fees!

All of our experts are certified to the highest level in the industry.  We only hire knowledgeable professionals to represent us in the field! Give us a call today, and let us make you a client for life!