Outstanding Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service

Your home’s garbage disposal is an invaluable kitchen appliance. Not only does it help you eliminate food waste, but it makes cleaning up after a meal simple and stress-free. That is until something stops working the way it should. When your home’s disposal breaks, you may feel like you have no other option other than to run to the nearest home improvement store and buy a replacement. At Phoenix Plumbing & Drain Co., we’re here to tell you that isn’t always the case.

Every day we connect homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona with licensed, highly qualified plumbing specialists who have the tools and special skills to examine broken disposals and make suggestions for repair or replacement based on the nature of the problem and your budget. A broken disposal may just need to have the flywheel replaced. Or, a leaky disposal may just need to have a few screws tightened. Not every disposal problem requires a full replacement and we’re here to guide you to find the best solution.

Garbage Disposal Repairs

Many of the phone calls we receive involve jammed disposals. Most of the time this happens because the homeowner either put in too much food waste or he or she accidently dropped a non-biodegradable object like a bread tie into the disposal. However, there are other reasons for a disposal refusing to churn properly. In some cases, it could be that the blades are rusted. There may also be a problem with the motor.

Most of these problems can easily be remedied with special tools and specific repair procedures. Our skilled technicians will take their time analyzing the situation to ensure that the correct repairs are made to prevent further damage to the disposal and to prevent leaks or water damage.

Garbage Disposal Installation and Replacement

Nearly all of the instances mentioned above can easily be remedied with the parts and equipment that our contractors have in their vehicles. In the event that your garbage disposal cannot be repaired, our contractors are prepared to help you purchase and install a new appliance. Our contractors may also suggest replacement if your current disposal is older than five years old. We have access to all types and brands of garbage disposals. Our contractors will help you choose a replacement appliance that is within your price range and appropriate for your kitchen sink.

Call today to learn more about our top-rated, garbage disposal repair and replacement plumbing service in Phoenix, AZ, as well as toilet repair and replacement and other services.