Drain Cleaning Plumber Tips: Retrieving Valuables from a Drain

Best drain cleaning plumber in Phoenix, AZ, available today for drain and rooter service.It’s happened to most people at one time or another. You’re standing at the sink washing your hands or doing the dishes when suddenly you realize you’re missing a ring, a bracelet, or some other valuable piece of jewelry. It’s a heart-stopping feeling that leaves you paralyzed and unsure what comes next. At Phoenix Plumbing & Drain Co., we get phones from frantic people all the time who want help retrieving a lost valuable. As the leading drain cleaning plumber in Phoenix, our experience tells us that it’s not always possible to retrieve the item. That doesn’t mean you can’t try, though. Here are some tips for finding lost jewelry or other items that have accidentally fallen in down the drain.

Turn Off the Water

Before you begin any retrieval method it’s important to turn off the water to the sink, tub, or toilet. Doing this prevents water from accidentally being turned on and pushing the item further into the plumbing system. Also, if you were draining the sink when you lost the item, plug it up immediately. Again, this prevents water from pushing the item farther into the drain.

Take the Piping Apart

Once you have shut off the water and plugged the drain, you can begin taking the piping apart under the sink. If you are lucky, the item might still be in the p-trap. Grab a bucket and place it under the piping before you start taking it apart to avoid any water damage.

Use a Heavy-duty Magnet

For times when you’re not comfortable taking piping apart or if the item accidentally fell into the toilet, you may want to use a heavy-duty magnet. This is a solution that works well with metal items, but not for toys or other items. Also, you want to be careful when choosing this option. The last thing you need is the magnet coming loose and becoming an obstruction.

Call Your Local Drain Cleaning Plumber in Phoenix

Although we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to retrieve your valuable, we suggest calling for professional assistance from a licensed plumber. The plumbers at Phoenix Plumbing & Drain Co., have years of expertise and can help you determine if the item can be retrieved. We offer 24/7 drain and rooter service for all plumbing systems, so call us at your convenience!



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